Folder HelpDesk for Microsoft Outlook


 Issue tracking and user support based on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Serving customers with prompt response and without failing to resolve their queries is the backbone of the service industry. 

Issue tracking and ticketing system provides the best possible solution. We, Biz Solutions 365, have integrated both the features in Folder HelpDesk, our high selling product.With Folder HelpDesk a workgroup can collaborate on tickets inside Outlook.

The application is installed in a shared mailbox or public folder, where you see rows of open tickets. If you want to work with one of them, just click it and a ticket form will open.

The ticket form HTML part has various dropdown fields to categorize the ticket, and it can be customized. The ticket also has a free text field for a description of the incident and its solution.

How the organization benefited by having a ticketing system inside Outlook

It is very easy to convert e-mails into tickets. Do it manually, by clicking a button, or let all e-mails in a folder be automatically converted. All formatting from the e-mail is kept, and attachments and images are transferred to the ticket. Information about the sender of the e-mail is also entered into the ticket, like e-mail address, name and telephone number.
The ticket is a standard Outlook post item, so you can use all the Outlook features – for example spellcheck the ticket text, insert attachments and images in the ticket and use a reading pane in the ticket list.

You may send e-mails from Folder HelpDesk. We supply templates for several kinds of automatic e-mails, for example when a ticket is created or a case is closed, and you can also send e-mail answers and messages manually from inside the ticket.
In short, Folder HelpDesk gives you a user friendly and efficient Outlook-based solution for helpdesk, customer support and issue tracking. With Folder HelpDesk you will never more be overwhelmed by requests!

Closed tickets are stored in a database, so the number of tickets in Outlook is normally small. The open tickets are stored both in the database and in Outlook, and that way all tickets can be analyzed in the Folder HelpDesk statistics.

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